Past Lecture Series

picture of Rong Rong

Toward Distributed At-Scale Hybrid Network Test with Emulation and Simulation Symbiosis

Rong Rong

During the last ten years, significant advances have been made in Future Internet Architecture (FIA) design. Undoubtedly, the size of …

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From Nanoneurosurgery to Supercomputing, AI and Smart Intraoperative-Microscopy

Babak Kateb

The field of Brain Mapping has been evolving rapidly in last few years. Brain Mapping is defined as the study …

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Traffic-Aware placement of NFV Middleboxes in Software-defined networks

Wenrui Ma

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) enables flexible deployment of middleboxes as Virtual Machines (VMs) running on general hardware. Different types of …

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Design Engineering To Overcome Unwanted Replacement (DETOUR)

Laurent Njilla

Counterfeiting of integrated circuits (ICs) is a rising issue that has a huge economic impact on the electronics industry. With …

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Research on Social Media Validation in the CaSPR Lab

Bogdan Carbunar

The considerable influence of social networks has made them ideal targets of information fabrication attacks. In this talk we overview …

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Md Mahbubur Rahman

Efficient Mission Planning for Mobile Robot Networks in Communication Constrained Environment

Md Mahbubur Rahman

The use of networked autonomous vehicles has an increasing demand for many risky and labor intensive tasks such as military …

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Using Process Modeling and Analysis Techniques to Reduce Errors in Healthcare

Lori Clarke

As has been widely reported in the news lately, healthcare errors are a major cause of death and suffering. In …

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Supporting Crowdsourcing-based Evaluations of Data Visualizations

Mershack Okoe

We propose to reduce the overhead involved in designing and running controlled user studies of web-based data visualizations so that …

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Optimizing Main Memory Usage in Modern Computing Systems to Improve Overall System Performance

Daniel Campello

Operating Systems use fast, CPU-addressable main memory to maintain an application’s temporary data as anonymous data and to cache copies …

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Sustainable Resource Management for Cloud Data Centers

A. S. M. Hasan Mahmud

In recent years, the demand for data center computing has increased significantly due to the growing popularity of cloud applications …

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Structural Mapping for Brain Morphometry Analysis

Muhammad Razib

Brain morphometry analysis refers to the study of the size and shape of brain structures and functions and its relations …

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Visual Data Analysis: Perceptual Foundations and Applications

Çağatay Demiralp

The explosion of digital data in size and form across domains surged the demand for data visualization. Visualizations facilitate data …

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