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Analysis of Eye-Tracking Data In Visualization and Data Space

Sayeed Safayet Alam

Eye-tracking devices can tell us where on the screen a person is looking. Researchers generally analyze eye-tracking data manually, by …

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Convergence of Emerging Technologies to Address the Challenges of the 21st Century

Asad Madni

There are numerous “Grand Challenges” facing humanity that will have to be addressed by us as a global society in …

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Intelligent Video Systems

Bir Bhanu

Modeling and recognizing the underlying dynamics of living entities at multiple spatio-temporal scales are challenging tasks. They provide a deeper …

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Tracy Camp

SmartGeo: Toward the Development of Intelligent Geosystems

Tracy Camp

Much of our world’s subsurface is contaminated, due to legacy mining and milling sites; without treatment, the earth’s water supply …

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